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Since it's been a stupid head and won't embed, it's here.
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I got all caught up on Justified last night, just in time for new episdode. today. I've changed my mind on something.

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I liked Alcatraz!

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+ I went to see "The Muppets" yesterday at work, and I need to say how perfect it was, and not just for the Toy Story short at the beginning, no matter how flawless that was. It was really glorious, I hadn't read anything about it, probably because I didn't want another Smurfs disappointment. But so good! The music, the dancing, the funny, the Muppets! Jason Segel singing and dancing. Amy Adams singing and dancing. Chris Cooper rapping. It was just fabulous. I had tears at the end. No joke. I can't wait to watch it again.

+ So, Golden Globes. I've seen pretty much none of the movies, so only TV mattered to me.

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+ I'm finishing up season two of Justified, I should manage before the new episodes this week. I love it. It's a show I enjoy when I watch more than one episode at a time. nothing spoilery )

+ That's it. I'm very exciting.
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FOR NOW THOUGH! I stole their adorable from Tumblr, and I'm not sorry. THose kids are just the cutest.

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I was fooling around last night, finishing off a gift thing, and I made an icon. I liked it so much, I decided to just keep it for me. Because I'm really nice that way. (It's this one.) But now I'm thinking I've seen this icon before, and I copied it without thinking. It just looks familiar. I'm probably being silly. I just don't want to have copied anyone, even if it wasn't intentional.
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I meant to do this the other day, but I forgot. I have an account over here too, had it since the first "LIVEJOURNAL IS THE WORST" period after I joined, and haven't really done anything with it. I'll probably stick with livejournal most of the time, I forget all about this place.


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